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  • Transfer by air-con minibus from any Pattaya's hotel or condo and back
  • Accompanying an experienced guide
  • Snorkeling and fishing equipment
  • Lunch, non-alcoholic
  • Insurance
  • Professionally made photos
  • Alcohol
  • Copy of passport
  • Bathing accessories, towels, sun protection
  • Camera, video equipment
  • Money for personal expenses

Sailing yacht "Bukkabu" - description of the tour

You can not even imagine to what extent a fresh breeze is gentle and tender. A walk on a real sailing ship, as in the good old days, on the most beautiful islands of the Gulf of Siam - a dream come true that suddenly became available to the elect. This adventure marine program is organized both as a group and individually. We will take into account your wishes and offer a choice of one of the options.

The yacht "Buccabu" is not too big at the external examination, but nevertheless it is very well equipped for sea cruises! For example, three small but very cozy cabins, two toilets and a fresh water shower, fans, refrigerators for food and drinks, even a modern music system will be at your disposal. It is very comfortable and easy to feel freedom and enjoy the sea beauty traveling with such amenities! Of course, during a boat trip onboard the yacht, a bar will be available and you can order drinks to your taste: both non-alcoholic and strong.

But in general, the program can be recommended to those who prefer a calm and serene vacation at sea.

The excursion program on the yacht "Bukabu"

Guests are collected at Pattaya hotels around 8: 00 in the morning. By comfortable transport you will move to the southern part of Pattaya to the hotel Ocean Marina. Here is a convenient port with parking boats, yachts, catamarans. It is also called the "Millionaire Harbor".

After the collection of guests at the hotels is over and everything has arrived at the pier, the group is loaded on board the yacht. As a rule, the groups are small, within 6-10 people. On board there is always a Russian tour guide, but in general the international contingent: Germans, Koreans, Singaporeans, French, Kazakhs.

After sailing and leaving the harbor, if weather conditions allow, you can sail. If the sea is calm, the yacht will go on the engine. The course is taken on Ko Khram Yai, one of the islands far from the coast of Pattaya, which is also almost uninhabited. During the transition, you can sit on the deck and sunbathe, and you can spend time in the cabin with air conditioning and comfortable leather sofas. By the way, during this transition, lovers of fishing can use the appropriate equipment available on the vessel and try trolling - catching predatory fish by dragging the bait in the direction of the vessel. You never know, fishing happiness can smile and some barracuda will be tempted by the bait!

About an hour later, we reach the island of Koh Khram and anchor in a picturesque lagoon off the coast. Here you can fish for easy spinning and you will not have to wait long for the first bite. The fish is caught not so large, but it really is a lot. Usually, in an hour of measured fishing with distraction for all sorts of smoke breaks, half a float of various fish is gathered. Almost all the fish caught is suitable for food. Of course, spinning and profit is already included in the price of the trip.

After that we land on the island. It is safe to call Ko Khram a desert island, since it is at the disposal of the Thai army and private visits are not welcome here. As well as some other islands to the south of Pattaya. Constantly on Ko Khram live only a few military. This island is regularly closed by the military for all sorts of exercises and maneuvers, so no other sea tours are conducted here. Sometimes, by the middle of the day, pleasure boats with groups of cheerful holidaymakers approach the island, but no one lands on the island. People bathe from the board and the hills in the waters of the lagoon, and after a while the ships leave. Therefore, it is very quiet here. Of the man-made sounds, it is perhaps possible to distinguish only occasionally a slight noise from flying regular aircraft flying on a train, and a sound made by passing ships in the distance. That's probably all. Full unity with nature.

At your disposal will be masks with snorkels, as well as beach mats (for obvious reasons, beach equipment like sun loungers with umbrellas is completely absent) and you can swim, dive and sunbathe. And you can walk a bit and become a researcher on a desert island!

The beach here is quite long, with dazzling white sand and clear transparent sea. On the island there may be a small number of monkeys, but not to see other living creatures. Only pure sand and trees with alluring shadow.

After a rest on Koh Khram everyone will be invited back to the yacht and it is time for lunch. Here, among other things, you can taste the fish that you caught with your own hands an hour ago! After a good and tasty lunch, we anchor and head for the famous island of Ko Ped, better known as Monkey Island. It is conveniently located just on the way from Ko Khram to Pattaya. Monkeys here have long been spoiled by the attention of tourists and will invariably wait on the shore for any ship, hoping for a treat! Well, your group will not be an exception))) For everything about everything, you will have about thirty minutes to feed these hilarious animals and take great photos. Then we go back to the harbor of Ocean Marina, from where everyone is transported to hotels. If the wind clears and the weather conditions favor this, the ship will sail back.

Who wants a quiet atmosphere, without animators, shows, foam discos and noisy groups of tourists to visit an uninhabited island, walk along the Siam Gulf on a sailing yacht - so we recommend this program!

Rent a yacht "Bukabu" in Pattaya

Sailing yacht "Bukabu" is perfect for traveling on the sea with your company. The rental price is not high. You can rent the yacht "Bukabu" for the whole day and go by sea on the same route as in the group cruise discussed above. The cost of renting the yacht "Bukabu" on the day 16499 Baht.


• How can I book excursion?
The simplest way to book it using Hot Line: 083-838-3539, or WhatsApp, or Viber by clicking a link. An experienced English-speaking manager will answer you in a few minutes. Also, it is possible make reservation via Online Chat, or fill and send order form. We accept and confirm your order as fast as possible.
• Can I pay using Mastercard or Visa?
Cashless payment is possible. When you fill order form, please select PayPal as payment option. After confirming the order you can pay with a card or from PayPal wallet.
• How to know departure time?
On 21: 00-22: 00, on the eve of departure, the guide will call you at the number specified in the application and tell you the exact time of collection. Or send a message.
• What will be the transport?
Transfer is usually carried out by "Toyota Hiace" air-conditioned minibuses.

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