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What to expect

The "Land of Kings and Alpaca Park" is a new, interesting exclusive excursion from Pattaya to Ratchaburi - the western province of Thailand. Within one day we will visit amazingly beautiful objects that have not been visited so far by tourists. The fabulous Tham Khao Bin cave with stalactites, which is rightly recognized as nearly the most beautiful in the Kingdom and generally one of the five most beautiful caves in the World. With ten rooms and color lighting. Swim in the hot mineral springs. We will visit the picturesque 9-cascade waterfall, which is located near Burma border. We will explore the majestic temples, giant statues of Ganesha and the Goddess of Mercy in the jungle, and in the evening we will witness a very unusual natural phenomenon - in the canyon hundreds of millions of bats will fly a dense flock from the cave within an hour. Those interested can visit the huge Cave of Fear, located in the canyon. Also in one day we will make a small round-the-World trip. Let's take a look into the highland country of Bolivia, where alpacas graze, see and even feed the World's largest boar-sized rat, visit a coffee shop on Easter Island, have lunch in an Italian restaurant located in Switzerland’s alpine meadows.

This tour is carried out in small groups, accompanied by an experienced guide, who thoroughly knows Thailand and its history.

Khao Bin cave

 About six in the morning we leave Pattaya and after a rather long journey (with one technical stop), the first thing we will examine is the fantastically beautiful Tham Khao Bin cave, from whose vault black and white stalactites hang down! Tham Khao Bin cave reaches 300 meters in length. And all of it, as specially, according to the plan of some skilled designer, is decorated with multi-colored stalactites and stalagmites. Inside the cave made a unique lighting that creates simply amazing views! No special training and equipment for explore this cave is required. Just a little curiosity and desire for new discoveries!

 At the entrance to Tham Khao Bin cave there is a picturesque lake in which we feed big fish.

 On the way we will make a short stop to get acquainted with the tribe of good-natured monkeys. In principle, here you can not get off the minibus, but simply leave their food from bus window. As you prefer.

Waterfall on Myanmar border

 The next stop will be a magnificent 9-cascade waterfall, which is located near the border with the neighboring state of Myanmar. But even before arriving at the waterfall, we will explore a little-known farm among the guests of Pattaya... No, perhaps, a whole orchid park! It is just along the way. By its variety of species, this park surpasses even Nong Nooch Tropical Garden. However, it is remote from tourist places and therefore little visited by Europeans. From the variety of shapes and colors of these tropical plants dazzled, and after all, you can also buy roots of orchids to try grow orchids at home. Many people want to grow orchids at home and in many cases it works.

 Multistage Erawan Falls in Kanchanaburi knows perhaps for everyone who has visited Thailand at least once. So it should be noted - in this case, the waterfall is much more picturesque, more and more importantly - even less people come to it on weekends! If someone thinks that the Erawan Falls is a pristine tropical nature and a real jungle, then... It's hard to call a wild place that visits about three thousand tourists daily, and that is by approximate calculations. The real, pure nature is here, in an area unknown to tour operators. Where at least tourists, noise and other traces of civilization! And there are a lot of similar places in Thailand.

Ratchaburi Hot Springs

 Some similarities with the programs to Kanchanaburi also in the other. After the waterfall, we call on the natural thermal mineral springs. To swim in the pools with hot and cool healing mineral water, and just relax. But again, these are not the "radon baths" at all, which are located in Kanchanaburi and such a tedious transfer does not expect you. In fact, within reach from Pattaya there are several places with hot mineral baths and we suggest visiting one of them, which is much closer than Kanchanaburi. Here everything is even better equipped, and there are much less visitors on any given day. Of course, there is a shower where you can rinse.

 We arrive at the Swiss pet farm. It spreads out in an area very similar to the famous alpine meadows. We will have a hearty lunch in a chic Italian restaurant serving European cuisine. And admire the magnificent views of the meadows with grazing flocks of sheep, ponies, horses.

Alpaca Park in Thailand

 In the afternoon we will have a high-altitude journey to the real plateau of Bolivia! We will head to the famous Alpaca Park! Here, high in the mountains, herds are probably the most kind and curious living beings - alpaca and vicunas. They are specific only for South America. These are very fluffy and affectionate animals with long necks, beautiful hairstyles. In the park we will travel on a very comfortable open golf carts. We will also meet and talk with other rare species of animals, many no one has ever seen live. For example, in Alpaca Park feel at ease Mexican prairie dogs, Patagonian mara, capybaras from Paraguay, chinchillas, marmots, fluffy South American cats, giant forest turtles. There are more than 50 types of animals. We will see the incubator where alpacas and other animals that have recently been born are raised. Finally, all guests will be given souvenirs to visit this amazing place.

 And now we are waiting for the road back. Along the way we will make several stops. First, in a mountain valley, where we examine and photograph a gigantic statue of Ganesha, which many may seem very harsh looking. And then - at the coffee shop, which is stylized as Easter Island.

Flock of bats

 At sunset we will visit a fairytale canyon, where, as if by magic, exactly at six o'clock in the evening a huge flock of bats appears in the sky for a long time. They number more than one hundred millions and these creatures live in the nearby caves of the canyon. After a day's rest, every night bats leave their shelter, going on a night hunt. From a long distance, this action resembles black smoke from fire or a very large bonfire and only after looking closely you can understand that the trail rising high in the sky consists of bats! Fascinating spectacle!

 We will visit the local temple, where those who wish can receive the blessing of a monk, tie a ribbon with a hand for good luck. If desired, it will be possible to look into the ominous Cave of Fear - the largest in the canyon captured by bats.

 The road back will also be interesting. We will drive along the expressway that runs through a high flyover through Bangkok and you will see the evening capital, brightly lit skyscrapers and Buddhist temples. Usually arriving in Pattaya happens to nine - ten o'clock in the evening.



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On 21:00-22:00, on the eve of departure, guide will call you at the number specified in the application and tell you the exact time pick up. Or send a message.
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Transfer is usually carried out by "Toyota Hiace" air-conditioned minibuses. Occasionally, if the group is small - transfer will be carried out by "Toyota H1" minivan, also with air conditioning.

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