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  • Transfer by air-con minibus from any Pattaya's hotel or condo and back
  • Ticket for all rides (with some restrictions for children)
  • Lunch (when choosing the appropriate tour option)
  • Insurance
  • Lunch (if not included to package)
  • Alcohol
  • Locker
  • Rent a towel (if you forget your own)
  • Copy of passport
  • Beach accessories - towels, sun protection, etc.
  • Money for personal expenses

How many water parks in Pattaya

 Apart from the small water park at the Pattaya Park hotel and several other "inflatable" water parks - in Pattaya there are two whole water entertainment parks - Cartoon Network (Amazon) and Ramayana. Moreover, it is possible order excursions from Pattaya to Siam Park City - amusement park and water slides in Bangkok.
 Which water park to give preference - Cartoon Network or Ramayana? The following can be noted: they are different and simply complement each other in Pattaya. And both water parks are excellent! If you are relaxing in Thailand with children - you can give preference to Ramayana water park. Because there are more attractions for children. For adults, more interesting is active water fun at the level of extreme sports. And then you should choose Cartoon Network water park.

What to expect

 The new Ramayana water park in Pattaya, is considered the largest in Thailand. It opened in May 2016th. Today is the second in Asia and the twelfth largest in the World. Ramayana water park is located in 20-minute drive from the center of Pattaya City and is spread over an area of ​​184000 sq.m. Includes over 50 rides that meet the latest technology and all international safety standards. Ramayana water park is located in a place with a very beautiful natural landscape. Here, only crystal clear water from specially drilled and the most modern filtration methods are used. And the dizzying rides here are built based on the famous ancient Indian poem "Ramayana".

You can buy a trip to the Ramayana water park at a low price here.

Ramayana’s largest water park in Thailand operates daily from 10:00 to 18:00. Usually arriving time at 10:00 - 10:30 in the morning and go back at 5 o'clock in afternoon. Although individually you can go at any convenient time. Just the price will be different. You will be amazed by the beautiful landscapes of the place where Ramayana water park is located, enjoy riding on more than 20 water slides, which have no analogues in any other water parks. There are fifty different attractions, including two special children's areas. At the same time the water park continues to expand. You can either experience the thrill or just relax. You will have the opportunity to visit the local floating market, eat in wonderful restaurant with a large selection of dishes, order a Thai massage, or you can even rent an pavilion and spend time in it, having family picnic. Ramayana water park has everything you need for a comfortable stay, for example: luggage storage, towel rental, cafes and restaurants, various retail outlets, Thai massage, high-speed Wi-Fi, which you can connect to anywhere in Ramayana water park.

 This entertainment complex was built to the most stringent international quality standards. For water rides do not use tap water. Here only crystal clear water comes in, which is taken from specially designed underground sources.

Attractions in Ramayana

  • Aqualoop. Here, due to acceleration at the start, you will fly at a tremendous speed, as in a race car on the Formula 1. And physics rules  allow you to complete a loop in 360 degrees!
  • Freefall. Straight and sharp descent down. You will overcome almost free falling! Creating huge splashes of water, you gently slide on a special water path.

But despite any extremes of these rides, they are completely safe!

Here you can visit such attractions, which are no longer in any other water park. Each of them offers its own unique entertainment. For example:

  • Duiling Aqua-Coasters. It is the longest water attraction among the existing in the World. Over 400 meters of extreme highs, turns, falls on a double bun (or a tube) are overcome on them. There are two such rides with the same path of descent, and this makes it possible to arrange competitions between friends - who will quickly go down this longest water route in the world!
  • Python & Aquaconda. Here are simply huge size tunnels, which miraculously "weave" one into another. The descent is carried out on the 4-local inflatable raft and you are swallowed by the 6-meter tunnel! Raft will fluctuate right and left, it will only add thrills. Loops, turns, ups and downs guarantee an impressive descent!

Other attractions in Ramayana

  • Boomerango. At this attraction you jump on almost vertical wall, after which the force of gravity throws you into a small pool!
  • The Mat Racer. Attraction for those who want to test their strength and compete with friends on the fastest descent lying on the mattress. The rapid decline in almost free fall guarantees a sea of ​​unforgettable impressions!
  • Spiral. Descend on a bun along a spiral-twisted tunnel, which for the most part is closed. Here you will find many unexpected turns, breathtaking accelerations, which are replaced by a soft landing in the pool.
  • Serpentine. Glide down on a bun through a partially closed tunnel accelerated by powerful streams of water. You will find a huge number of turns, after which you will be thrown into the pool at the end of the path.
  • River. Descending on a bun down the chute and after that you find yourself in a “lazy river” that invites you for an exciting voyage through the waves, bubbles from geysers, mystical caves and waterfalls.

Ramayana with children

 What is fun for children in the Ramayana water park? There are a lot of them here! Ramayana water park offers an unforgettable adventure day for children. They can enjoy swimming in the pools, travel along the “Lazy River”, become explorers of mysterious caves on the island, visit two children's zones with the author’s design of attractions that are no anywhere. Everyone will find something fascinating and interesting, including children. Who will be under the supervision of specially trained personnel.

  • Aquaplay. A great fun area for kids from 3 to 14 years. There are children's slides, water cannons, simple buildings with ladders and numerous fountains that will occupy any child for the whole day. The safety of the rides is monitored by professional instructors.
  • For the youngest guests, there is the kid's Aquasplash attraction, which was specially created for Ramayana water park. Here, a unique soft coating in the zone of fountains, a different level of water in the areas for splashing guarantee additional safety for kids when meeting with water and splashes. And for parents - the sureness that nothing will happen to their children.

 The water entertainment complex "Ramayana" is more than just a water park, albeit with exciting and extreme water attractions! On the vast territory you can find a variety of entertainment, even on the water, even on land. It definitely won't be boring here, everyone will be able to choose the right occupation. Plus, there are excellent restaurants and cafes with various cuisines and now you don’t want to leave the water park at all.

  • Double Wave Pool. This is a wave pool and an artificial beach with a length of 150 meters. Here you will experience the real sea storm and be able to swing on the waves.
  • Lazy Wavy River. Perhaps the largest attraction is the “Lazy River”, which carries its waters for half a kilometer. Take a rubber ring (tube) and go on an exciting journey through the ruins of the ancient city, magical caves, or just relax in the rays of the gentle sun.
  • Relaxation Jacuzzi Pool. A wonderful opportunity to relax in the bubbles of the pool. A water bar located right in the pool is ready to offer soft drinks and cocktails.
  • Those who love water sports will appreciate the Activity Pool, specially designed for active sports, such as water volleyball, aqua aerobics, etc. Here you can cheer on your team, relaxing in the bubble bath at the edges of the pool.
  • Kid's Aquasplash. Here, children from 6 months to 6 years will find a lot of interesting things for themselves: miniature slides, numerous fountains that spray water in all directions and bring the kids to complete delight.
  • One of the most significant attractions of the water park "Ramayana" is the River. Be sure to check out the floating market. Taste traditional Thai delicacies at boat merchants dressed in traditional clothes. You can relax in a bungalow, get something interesting, eat, refresh with cold drinks, make great photos.
  • Lake Island is another great place in Ramayana water park. Here is a magnificent sculpture, looking inside it you will become an explorer of ancient rock paintings. The primitive natural beauty of the island is preserved here - a pleasant green landscape, a river and a lake.

Additional services

  • The water park has a cashless payment system.

 You are given a personal electronic bracelet, which is a kind of ticket and gives you the opportunity to pay for food, drinks and additional services in Ramayana water park in a cashless way. That is, you do not need to carry cash, credit cards with you and think about how to wet them and not lose them. It is necessary to replenish the balance on your bracelet at the box office at the entrance to the park. The balance of funds that you do not use until the end of your visit to the water park will be returned to you in "The Shop" before you leave the water park.

  • Food and drink in the park "Ramayana".

 The restaurants and cafes located on the territory of the water park offer dishes of various cuisines: European, Mediterranean and national Thai, characterized by high quality. To pay for food and drinks, use the balance on your personal electronic bracelet. For younger visitors there is a children's menu.

  • Massage.

Guests of the water park are offered Thai massage, which is based on the unique centuries-old experience of medical practices in Eastern countries. Here work the best specialists in massage, who are ready to share with you anti-stress, relaxation, regenerating magic.

  • Other services.

It's okay if you forgot your bathing towel, sunglasses or sun protection. All this and much more can be purchased at the local "The Shop", which accepts cash, credit cards and of course payment from the bracelet. "The Shop" presents the goods of local and various foreign manufacturers, for example, bathing suits, hats, towels, beach shoes, souvenirs and a wide range of other goods. Here you can view your photos from the water park, as well as receive a cash balance from your personal electronic bracelet.

Ramayana with own food

 Many people are concerned about the question: is it possible to bring your own food and drinks to the Ramayana water park? The answer is this: bringing food to the territory of the Ramayana water park is absolutely not welcome. It is possible to risk only in the case when it is implicit. Maybe will possible to bring a bottle of 0.5 water wrapped in a towel. But it’s not easy to carry your products onto the territory, as it is easy to guess. And it’s not at all a fact that even such a trifle will not be noticed and it’s not found that you have to be left in the locker. The only thing that can be brought to the territory of the Ramayana water park is baby food.

 You can also choose this option excursion to the water park Ramayana, when lunch is already included in the price. Lunch is a buffet with a selection of different dishes from 12. The buffet in Ramayana water park works with 12:00 to 16:00 and if you order a tour version with meals, you can visit the buffet an unlimited number of times.

 ATTENTION! The water park is a technically very complex engineering structure, the performance of which depends entirely on the supply of electricity. Temporary power outages of the water park are occasionally possible due to thunderstorms, preventive maintenance, and an accident in the power supply network. In this case, our team is not responsible for the suspension of the water park and lost time in it.



• How can I book excursion?
The simplest way to book it using Hot Line: 083-838-3539, or WhatsApp, or Viber by clicking a link. An experienced English-speaking manager will answer you in a few minutes. Also, it is possible make reservation via Online Chat, or fill and send order form. We accept and confirm your order as fast as possible.
• Can I pay using Mastercard or Visa?
Cashless payment is possible. When you fill order form, please select PayPal as payment option. After confirming the order you can pay with a card or from PayPal wallet.
• How to know departure time?
At 21:00-22:00 in the eve of departure, we will send a message with the exact collection time.
• What will be the transport?
Transfer is usually carried out by "Toyota Hiace" air-conditioned minibuses. Occasionally, if the group is small - transfer will be carried out by "Toyota H1" minivan, also with air conditioning.

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