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Salon Thai medicine VITAMAX Pattaya

Center for cosmetics and Thai medicine Vitamaks in Pattaya, Thailand. This is an excellent choice in the field of cosmetology for your health and youth! Here is the best choice of high quality prophylactic and health-improving supplements. Restorative, tonic, immunostimulating agents that help strengthen the nervous system, vision, memory, increase efficiency. Means of preventing cardiovascular and oncological diseases, for lowering blood sugar levels, regulating the gastrointestinal tract and much more. In addition, the Thai medical center VITAMAX in Pattaya will offer cosmetics from the world's leading manufacturers from Thailand and South Korea to Australia, Italy and New Zealand.

In the center of cosmetics and Thai medicine Vitamaks in Pattaya, Thailand, you can try on yourself any products! To do this, Vitamax invented special probes for all the tools presented so that you can choose and purchase exactly what you want! Here you will be accompanied by a competent Russian manager who will advise you on the matter of interest.

Order a free transfer to the pharmacy VITAMAX

Free transfer to Vitamax Thai Pharmacy in Pattaya, Thailand can be ordered from us. Use the phone hotline: 083-838-3539 (in Russian and English), WhatsApp eight Viber clicking on the links! Or fill out the order form on this page. You can also order a free transfer to the pharmacy Vitamax through online chat on our website. Transport will arrive at your hotel within an hour after we accept and confirm the order. But it will be optimal to order the service 2 hours before the desired departure time.

Product Catalog VITAMAX

The catalog of products offered by Vitamax Cosmetics and Thai Medicine Center in Pattaya, Thailand is extremely diverse! Here you can find and buy:

  • Excellent Thai and foreign cosmetics. For example, cosmetics based on black caviar, golden serum, a complex for the care of damaged hair, a regenerating line with a snail extract, collagen masks with live seeds, nightly hydromasks, hydrogel masks-plates around the eyes, pearl powder, oxygen mask Oxygen Bubble Mask and many another.
  • Medicinal products and tinctures, Thai wine.
  • Thai balms (white, yellow, green, red and others).
  • Healing and aromatic teas, coffee.
  • Medications for weight loss, raising male power, cleansing the body.
  • Gorgeous foreign cosmetics, such as South Korean.

All products presented in the pharmacy Vitamax Pattaya, is strictly monitored and allowed to be exported outside the country. It employs competent staff who speak Russian and English. Payment is made in cash in Thai baht and in foreign currency: US dollars, euros and Russian rubles at the current exchange rate in the points of Pattaya. Cashless payment is possible with Mastercard and Visa cards. Discounts and gifts for regular customers and for mass purchases.

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