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Latex salon SD LATEX Pattaya

Store natural latex products Sweet Dream Latex (SD Latex) in Pattaya, Thailand. Many and many thousands of tourists coming to rest in Thailand, bring home pillows and mattresses made of natural latex. That is, from the sap of the hevea rubber tree, the plantations of which are extremely widespread in the Kingdom of Thailand. Thailand leads the production and export of natural latex products. And of course - in Thailand in general and in Pattaya in particular, there are all the conditions for the purchase of really high-quality products from natural latex.

Free transfer to SD LATEX Pattaya latex salon

Free transfer to the SD Latex latex shop can be ordered on our website. Take advantage of telephone hotline: 083-838-3539 (Russian and English), WhatsApp eight Viber clicking on the links! You can also order a free trip to the SD Latex latex factory through online chat on our website, or simply filling out the order form. Transport will arrive at your hotel within an hour after we accept and confirm the order. But it will be optimal to order the service 2 hours before the desired departure time.

SD LATEX Pattaya Product Catalog

What is the range of products in the latex factory SD Latex in Pattaya and what you can buy here:

  • Of course - the famous pillows and mattresses from 100% natural latex. Environmentally friendly, since latex is a natural material that does not emit any harmful substances. It has antibacterial effect, can safely be used by asthmatics and allergies.
  • Sets pillow + mattress + bedspread, including certain sizes, for children.
  • Natural latex headrests, car seat linings.
  • Orthopedic products from latex.
  • Toys and souvenirs from latex.

The latex factory SD Latex has competent staff who speak Russian and English, and, if necessary, Chinese. All offered products have the necessary certificates that guarantee authenticity and quality. SD Latex products are authorized for export outside the Kingdom of Thailand.

At the SD Latex latex factory, purchases are paid in cash in Thai baht, or in foreign currency: US dollars, euros, Russian rubles at the current exchange rate in Pattaya, Thailand. Cashless payment with Mastercard and Visa bank cards is also possible.

Products from natural latex are rather heavy and, most importantly, bulky. But let it not bother you - in the latex factory SD Latex, the purchased products will be vacuum-packed and, if necessary, sent by mail to your address outside of Thailand.

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