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Shop leather and fur TOSCANO Pattaya

Shop leather and fur products Toscano in Pattaya, Thailand. This is a new factory of products and clothes made from leather and fur of exotic animals. Leather Salon Toscano is about 10000 leather and fur products. A large catalog of bags, wallets, belts and other accessories. Men's and women's jackets for any season and any size, a large selection of fur products. The store has a VIP-room, which presents the most exquisite and unique products from python and crocodile leather. Guests are shown the latest models of the collection. Toscano Leather and Fur Salon operates in Pattaya along with other similar stores: Vovan Shop и Skin World. The assortments are different, so visit them all if you are interested in purchasing products made from crocodile, stingray, shark, python and other similar things.

Order a free transfer to the store TOSCANO Pattaya

A free shuttle to the Toscano leather and fur shop in Pattaya, Thailand can be ordered from us. Take advantage of telephone hotline: 083-838-3539 (in Russian and English), WhatsApp eight Viber clicking on the links! You can book a free transfer to the salon Toscano and fill out the order form, or through online chat Online. Transport will arrive at your hotel within an hour after we accept and confirm the order. But it will be optimal to order the service 2 hours before the desired departure time.

TOSCANO Pattaya product catalog

The Toskano leather and fur salon product catalog in Pattaya numbers many thousands of items, mainly here you can purchase such things as:

  • Products made from the skin of exotic animals (crocodile, python, stingray, frog, etc.), often with big discounts.
  • Clothing made of fur and leather of various animals, including exotic ones.
  • Leather shoes of exotic animals.
  • Souvenirs, including leather and parts of exotic animals.
  • Tailoring, footwear and other leather products of exotic animals to order.

In the salon of leather and fur Toscano - competent Russian-speaking staff who can conduct advice in English. All products have the necessary certificates, which guarantees both authenticity and the absence of problems when it is exported outside of the Kingdom of Thailand. Payment for purchases is made in cash both in Thai baht and in foreign currency: US dollars, euros or Russian rubles the current exchange rate in the exchange offices of Pattaya. Do not forget about VAT Refund (VAT refund) from your purchases when leaving Thailand.

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