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Salon leather VOVAN SHOP Pattaya

Shop exotic leather goods Vovan Shop in Pattaya, Thailand. This is a specialized leather shop in Pattaya. The oldest and most famous today in Thailand. If you are planning to buy leather products from exotic animals in Pattaya, then visit the Vovan Shop salon. There is a very large assortment of crocodile, stingray, snake, ostrich and even frog leather products. The product catalog will be appreciated by those who want to buy a purse or a crocodile belt in Thailand, crocodile leather shoes, stingray leather purse and similar exotic gifts.

Shop Vovan Shop in Pattaya was originally designed to serve only Russian-speaking customers, as evidenced by the design of the store. But the staff is well served in English.

Free transfer to VOVAN SHOP leather salon

You can order a free transfer to the leather shop of exotic animals Vovan Shop on our website. Take advantage of telephone hotline: 083-838-3539 (in Russian and English), WhatsApp eight Viber clicking on the links, or fill out the order form. You can book a transfer to Vovan Shop and through online chat. Transport will arrive at your hotel within an hour after we accept and confirm the order. But it will be optimal to order the service 2 hours before the desired departure time.

Product catalog VOVAN SHOP

Product catalog store Vovan Shop in Pattaya is very extensive! What can I buy here?

  • Products from the skin of exotic animals (crocodile, python, stingray, frog, etc.) are sometimes with big discounts.
  • Fakes under the skin of exotic animals (of course, it will be indicated where the fake and where the original).
  • Souvenirs, including leather and parts of exotic animals.
  • You can visit a small pharmacy of Thai traditional medicine that works here and purchase various drugs.

A good range and the lowest prices for leather products of exotic animals in Pattaya. Who visited the store "Vova", rarely can resist buying at least the smallest and inexpensive souvenir. And the prices of many are underwhelming. The peculiarity of this place is that all goods can be consulted in Russian and here they will not try to sell a fake.

All products from the skin of exotic animals in the shop Vovan Shop has the necessary certificates and are allowed to be exported outside the Kingdom of Thailand.

Payment for purchases in the cabin of Vovan Shop is possible in cash in Thai baht, as well as in foreign currency: US dollars, euros or Russian rubles at the exchange rate of Pattaya. Accepted and non-cash payment Mastercard and Visa.

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