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Souvenir center LUKDOD Pattaya

Souvenir market Lukdod in Pattaya, Thailand. Lukdod Shop is a large and inexpensive souvenir shop in Pattaya, one of the oldest in Thailand. You should visit it if you want to buy something for your memory, but at the same time have a large selection.

Of course, similar souvenirs can be found in stalls on the beach or on the main streets of Pattaya. But most likely the prices in them will be higher and you will have to bypass several retail outlets due to the lack of such a range as in the Lukdod souvenir market in Pattaya.

Souvenir market Lukdod (Lukdod, Lukdot - no error) is positioned as the largest souvenir store in Pattaya. They sell it not only in retail, but also in bulk. Many entrepreneurs in Pattaya are buying up products in the Lukdod store at wholesale prices, and they sell them at their outlets with a premium. By the way, when buying fixed prices here and bargaining is inappropriate.

Order a free transfer to the store LUKDOD Pattaya

Free transfer to the souvenir shop Lukdod in Pattaya, Thailand can be ordered on our website. Take advantage of telephone hotline: 083-838-3539 (Russian and English), WhatsApp eight Viber clicking on the links! You can book a free transfer to the souvenir market Lukdod also through online chat or by filling out the order form. Transportation can drive to your hotel. in the next hour after we accept and confirm the order. But it will be optimal to order the service 2 hours before the desired departure time. Free transfer order is available daily from 9: 00 to 16: 00, and the market closes at 18: 30.

ATTENTION! Transfer to the souvenir shop Lukdod in Pattaya has its own characteristics. In this direction it is always carried out in one direction! Only from your hotel to the market! This happens when ordering at all travel agencies and refers only to the free transfer to the market Lukdod.

LUKDOD Pattaya Product Catalog

What can you buy in the souvenir shop Lukdod in Pattaya:

  • A large selection of souvenirs (statues, magnets, painted boxes, elephants and animals of various shapes and sizes) are the most diverse souvenirs from all regions of Thailand.
  • Carved paintings and other teak crafts.
  • Wooden mahogany furniture - chairs, tables, cabinets, office furniture.
  • In the range - leather products from crocodile, stingray, snake: briefcases, wallets, belts, bags.
  • Souvenir soap on fruit and herbal basis.
  • There is a pharmacy with drugs of Thai traditional medicine.
  • Thai fruit wines.
  • Fabrics.
  • Ware, ornaments for the house.

We recommend to visit "Lukdod" in the first days of your stay in Pattaya, because you can save money on souvenirs, since all prices are lower than the first ones offered to you in small shops, in the markets or just with it.

There are no Russian consultants in the souvenir shop Lukdod, but everything is so intuitive. Payment is in cash in Thai Baht.

Opening hours Lukdod in Pattaya

Souvenir market "Lukdod Shop" in Pattaya works without days off. Hours from 9: 00 to 18: 30. Free transfer can be ordered from 10: 00 to 17: 00.

How to get to Lukdod by yourself

It may seem strange, but this is a very frequent question, the answer to which the guests of Pattaya are searching on the Internet. How to get to the souvenir market Lukdod in Pattaya, find Lukdod Shop on the map. Surprisingly, people probably do not know about the free transfer. This topic would not be worth considering if it were not for one circumstance. Free transfer to the souvenir market of Lukdod - one way. That is - from the market back to the hotel, they do not carry. Why so conceived - a mystery, but it was always. For this reason, the question would be better put like this: "How to get from the Lukdod market to the hotel."

In fact, it is not difficult. Exit the Lukdod market through the main entrance. In front of you is a parking lot and a two-way street. You turn to the left (to the left) and without turning anywhere you go meters 200-300. See a large street in front of you. This is North Street, or Pattaya Nya. If you need in the area of ​​hotels Ambassador, Botany Beach, Dor Shada - go to the right and go to the Sukhumvit highway. On the opposite side of you from Sukhumvit Road, 20 batte white tuk-tuk of the direction you need walk. If you need to get to Central Pattaya - 10-batted dark blue tuk-tuk to Volkin Street rarely pass along North Street. It is necessary to catch them without crossing North Street, that is, go left.

By the way say! Previously, in Pattaya, there was another souvenir shop: OTOP Shop. But unfortunately, he could not stand the competition and closed. So you can not even look for it, despite the fact that in many old advertising brochures the name OTOP can come across.

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