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  • Transfer from any hotel in Pattaya and back (when choosing a package where the transfer is included)
  • The work of a professional photographer
  • Processing photos in the amount specified for the selected package
  • E-mailing ready photos as a link to an e-mail (Google Drive)
  • Any additions that are not paid immediately when ordering photo shoots HappyHour, PhotoTour, AnyWhere or Exotic
  • A copy of the passport or photo of the main page on the tablet, phone
  • Money for personal expenses

Photo session in Thailand with a team of photographers "Art de Charm", Pattaya. A photo shoot for you at the hotel’s Grand Mirage Center, as well as a wide variety of locations: Kolan Island, Wat Yan Temple Complex, Nong Nooch Tropical Park and others.

Pay attention!

The cost is indicated for the group 1-5 people (or as stipulated by the photo session limits). And not for each participant in the photo shoot.

You can pay immediately only the cost of the photo shoot. Additional services are indicated in the wishes, but paid by the staff upon arrival at the photo session.

Cheap photoshoot in Pattaya

Happy Hour


This is a constructor program!

An unforgettable hour in the "lost world" of the Centara Grand Mirage among man-made "jungle", waterfalls, suspension bridges and the best in Wattamat beach in Pattaya. Shooting is conducted on a Canon 5D Mark IV camera.

Participation in the shooting can take from 1 to 3 people. Through 48 hours, a link to the 60 processed photos (cropping, color correction) is provided.


per group

Photo Session in Pattaya - options

Additional services
Transfer from the North of Pattaya and back 500 Laying (1 pax) 800
Transfer from the Center of Pattaya and back 600 Makeup (1 pax) 800
Transfer from PRATAMNAK and back 700 Clothing rental (1 people) 700
Transfer from Jomtien and back 800 Wedding dress rental 1100
Transfer from ON JOMTIENA and back 1000 Sparkling wine (liter bottle 0,7) 1100
Overlimit (for each person over 3-x) 660 Bouquet of flowers for the bride 1100
Record and delivery of photos on a flash drive 1100 A wreath of flowers 1650
Processing within 12 hours 1100 Decorated swings on the beach 3300
Photobook (see 13х18, 16 pages) 1650 Wedding Decoration at Centara Grand Mirage 3300
An offer of marriage 3300 Wedding Decoration on Wongamat Beach 8800
Romantic dinner on the beach 7000 2-3 video minutes (shooting and editing) 9000

Pattaya Photo Sessions - Centara Grand Mirage

Phototour Price

This program is all inclusive.

On our transport, you and your loved ones (up to 5 people) will find yourself in the fashionable Centara Grand Mirage hotel, surrounded by luxurious landscapes that will be the perfect backdrop for pictures. You will be surrounded by care and attention, they will tell you how to behave in front of the camera, help you choose outfit and accessories for it (for the 1 image), make up and styling (for the 1 person). The very process of taking photos will take 30 minutes, takes place on the territory of the Centara Grand Mirage hotel and on the Wongamat beach, it will bring maximum pleasure, and the result of 30 processed photos, of which 3 with retouching (link through 48 hours) will exceed your wildest expectations!


per group

EXTRA (only as a supplement to the program Phototour)

  • Rental clothes and accessories for 1 image
  • 30 photo session minutes
  • 30 processed photos, of which 3 with retouching


for option

Recommended number of photos:

1 child, teenager - 30 photo = Phototour = 3900 baht

1 woman - 60 photo = Phototour + Extra = 4900 baht

Lavstori - 90 photo = Phototour + 2xExtra = 5900 Bat

Wedding photo session - 120 photo = Phototour + 3xExtra = 6900 Baht

Family photo session - 150 photo = Phototour + 4xExtra = 7900 Batov

Photoshoot on the islands, the beach, in the temple

Outdoor photo shoot Price
Anywhere 1
  • Unlimited number of people
  • Any location in Pattaya or the surrounding area
  • Transfers and entrance fees are charged separately.
  • 60 photo session minutes
  • 60 processed photos (6 with retouching) by reference via 48 hours


per group


Photoshoot with animals: tiger, elephant or horse

  • 1 people
  • Transfers and entrance fees included
  • Makeup and styling
  • 30 photo session minutes
  • 30 processed photos (3 with retouching) by reference via 48 hours


(max. 1 people)

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