Pattaya Underwater World

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What to expect

 While vacationing in Pattaya, especially with children, be sure to visit the local "Pattaya Underwater World" aquarium to see the mysterious underwater inhabitants. Every child having been here is surprised and delighted! And adults, who have not lost their sense of joyful perception of the World, will be satisfied  also by visiting this place in Pattaya. Indeed, in "Pattaya Underwater World" you will take a walk along the bottom of the ocean, you will see a unique underwater world and do not get wet! This is all thanks to the 100-meter transparent tunnel, through the acrylic glass of which you can see all the inhabitants of the sea bottom close by. Of course, "Siam Ocean World" aquarium in Bangkok much more, and maybe even more interesting. But if the trip there is not in your plans, then welcome to "Pattaya Underwater World".

Sectors in Pattaya Oceanarium

 "Pattaya Underwater World" aquarium consists of a number of sectors that divide the inhabitants of coral reefs, freshwater fauna and marine predators:

  • "Touch of the Sea". Here is a huge world of inhabitants of the deep sea. You will be able to interact with marine life in close proximity. Here is perhaps the most favorite attraction of visitors - a pool with carps. You can buy a bottle with a special food like milk and feed the fish through the bottle! The show is very hilarious.
  • Reservoir with coral fauna. The coral reefs of the southern seas are in a fragile but stable equilibrium with marine life. Some of the animals and plants use a coral reef as a refuge, and someone as a place for hunting and food.
  • Aquarium with sharks and stingrays. Only here you will come face to face with large and formidable predators, inhabitants of the deep sea. You can admire sharks and stingrays walking along a transparent tunnel, it is an incredible feeling! And if someone wants to tickle his nerves, then... for an additional fee, you can dive into the tank with scuba gear, swim near the predators and even feed them! At this time, your friends will be able to observe the process while inside the transparent tunnel.
  • Aquarium with giant fish of Thailand. In this sector of the aquarium there are freshwater inhabitants, which are found in Mekong, Chao Phraya river and Thai lakes. These are rare fish which almost disappeared at the present time. Such as Siamese giant carp, Mekong Sharp-toothed giant catfish, the albino catfish, etc. The fish live in a special tank with a model of a wrecked ship.
  • Magic tank. You can put your hand in this aquarium and touch the fish living there.
  • In addition, the otter sector is located in the aquarium.

Schedule of feeding fish

 It is very interesting to visit "Pattaya Underwater World" when they feed some living creatures. It happens every day at the same time. For example, otter feeding happens in 9:30, 11:00, 14:30 and 17:00. Feeding fish in the "Touch of the Sea" pool takes place in 13:00, in the "Coral Reef" reservoir - in 10:30 and 14:00. Giant freshwater fish are fed in 15:30, sharks in 10:00, 11:30, 15:00 and 16:30.

 We offer daily trips to "Pattaya Underwater World". Pick up times for Pattaya hotels are as follows: 10:00-10:30, 12:00-12:30, 14:00-14:30 and 16:00-16:30. Usual time spent in "Pattaya Underwater World" is 1 hour 15 minutes, which is quite enough to inspect the 100-meter tunnel.



• How can I book excursion?
The simplest way to book it using Hot Line: 083-838-3539, or WhatsApp, or Viber by clicking a link. An experienced English-speaking manager will answer you in a few minutes. Also, it is possible make reservation via Online Chat, or fill and send order form. We accept and confirm your order as fast as possible.
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Cashless payment is possible. When you fill order form, please select PayPal as payment option. After confirming the order you can pay with a card or from PayPal wallet.
• Can I pay on the bus?
Payment of this excursion when landing in transport is possible. The cost will not differ. Choose the appropriate payment option when ordering!
• How to know departure time?
On 21:00-22:00, on the eve of departure, we will send a message to the number indicated in your application.
• What will be the transport?
Transfer is usually carried out by "Toyota Hiace" air-conditioned minibuses. Occasionally, if the group is small - transfer will be carried out by "Toyota H1" minivan, also with air conditioning.

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прекрасный океанариум. большой.красивый.идёш и может голову заклинить от видов вокруг