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What is it

 An offer for those who prefer the best assortment and proven quality! The most famous Duty Free is located in Bangkok and is visited by millions and millions of visitors to the Kingdom of Thailand every year. But there is an opportunity to visit a similar duty-free shop if you relaxing in Pattaya. Take advantage of the free two-way transfer to "King Power" duty free in Pattaya! This is a glamorous boutique of World brands, located on a vast area! "King Power" duty free in Pattaya features the finest collections from around the World. You can find here alcoholic beverages, perfumes and cosmetics, clothes and shoes, various accessories and even sweets. You can buy all this and much more here at the lowest prices. Why? Because in "King Power" duty free Pattaya goods are not taxed. "King Power" duty free Pattaya will be especially appreciated by those guests of Thailand who will not have time to make purchases at the airport. Another point - in "King Power" duty free Pattaya, you will not be limited in time and will be able to make purchases deliberately, without rushing anywhere.

How book free transfer?

 Free transfer to "King Power" duty free in Pattaya you can book in our web-site. Please use the Hot Line: 083-838-3539, WhatsApp or Viber by clicking any link. Also, it is possible reserve free transfer to "King Power" duty free in Pattaya using Online chat, or fill booking form. We accept and confirm your order, free taxi will arrive at your hotel or condo in Pattaya in agreed time. In is importantly make reservation one day before your visit to "King Power" duty free in Pattaya.

Product catalog

 What is the range of shops "King Power" duty free of Pattaya and what you can buy here:

  • Alcoholic drinks of various World brands.
  • Clothes and shoes.
  • Genuine leather products - belts, bags, wallets and similar.
  • Watches of famous brands.
  • Sweets, including Thai.

And many other products ...

 In "King Power" duty free Pattaya competent staff speaks English, when necessary - Chinese.

 In "King Power" duty free Pattaya payment for purchases is made in cash in Thai Baht, or in foreign currency: US dollars, Euros, Russian rubles. Of course, payment with Mastercard and Visa is also possible.

Shopping rules

 Since the "King Power" duty free in Pattaya shop sells goods without excise taxes and other charges, there are certain rules for shopping here. When you go to "King Power" duty free in Pattaya, you will immediately see the reception. They also get discount coupons. Be sure to bring along international passport and flight ticket from Thailand. Passport and ticket are compulsory documents here, because without them you will not be able to make a single purchase! You can pick up goods purchased at "King Power" duty free Pattaya at the airport after checking in for the flight on day you fly home. If you have questions - in the store there are English-speaking employees who are happy to help you. By the way, all the goods in "King Power" duty free Pattaya are divided into two categories - with blue and yellow price tags. You can take goods with blue price tags with you right away. But goods with yellow price tags will be given to you only on day of departure, already at the airport - there is a special center for delivery of duty-free goods. Just remember to bring a check!


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