Nong Nooch Dinner & Transvestite Show

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  • Transfer from any hotel in Pattaya and back
  • A guide accompanies you
  • All entrance fees and charges
  • Elephant ride in the park
  • Tram ride through the park
  • Dinner and transvestite show in the park
  • Insurance
  • Souvenirs
  • Buy orchid roots
  • Professionally made photos
  • Alcohol
  • Copy of passport
  • Camera, video equipment
  • Money for personal expenses

Evening Nong Nooch and Transvestite Shows

Today it is the most extensive, maximum program conducted in the tropical garden Nong Nooch. So far, there is no program with even greater coverage of its attractions or a longer stay in this magnificent place.

You are taken from the hotel in a comfortable minibus with air conditioning and at first you fully enjoy the day program in the tropical garden! Inspect a fairly extensive collection of orchids, as well as plants of the bromeliad family (these are the closest relatives of the usual pineapples). In many places of cultivation of such plants a special microclimate is maintained, there is always a specific "greenhouse" smell and the air is noticeably wetter. There is a place where lovers of indoor plants can purchase rhizomes of orchids, placed in a container with a special nutrient solution. Here you will visit on the shore of a pretty picturesque reservoir where you can take pictures. Children will enjoy a special visit to the park of sculptures made of flower pots: stylized arches, bridges, elephants, knock-tuki. Through the real jungle of various tropical trees, palm trees, bamboos you will pass to the main attraction. You will enjoy a magnificent view of the territory, similar to any well-groomed park in Europe. This place is called Regular French Park. Here is an exact copy of Stonehenge, there are a few buildings in the classical style, giving the garden a unique look. Photos are excellent and get ready for the fact that there will be a lot of them.

It is not hard to walk around the territory, although it may seem hot and stuffy in the garden. Paved paths, racks, bridges are made almost everywhere. But it will not be very convenient to carry a baby carriage around such a territory and this should be taken into account if you are traveling with small children.

In the garden there are many interesting things. For example, a collection of vintage cars, a small zoo, beautifully designed fish tanks. It will probably be easier to name something that is not here.

Also, be sure to check out one of the best elephant shows in Thailand! How these giants perform practically “human” tricks like playing football and drawing pictures. You can even take part in some of the elements of this show, but the decision is yours.

The program also includes at least a colorful national Thai show. With stylized fights, Thai boxing and of course dancing in national costumes!

After that, you ride along the paths of a tropical garden on an elephant dressed in a smart blanket. Skating is already included in the cost of the program. The process is controlled by an experienced driver, sitting comfortably, so that riding is absolutely safe and effortless.

The program also includes a large circle in the park on an open trailer. This is necessary so that you can take a closer look at and photograph some details of the park, which are not taken as part of cheaper programs. Two stops will be made and you can take pictures.

When it begins to get dark and most visitors to the tropical garden Nong Nooch will leave, you will be invited to a wonderful dinner. You look exciting in its brightness and staged show of transvestites by type of show Ancient coliseum и Tiffany.

Previously, this program included the launch of lanterns made of rice paper, as on the national holiday of Loy Kratong. But alas, at the present time it is forbidden and no one in such programs has it.


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The simplest way to book it using Hot Line: 083-838-3539, or WhatsApp, or Viber by clicking a link. An experienced English-speaking manager will answer you in a few minutes. Also, it is possible make reservation via Online Chat, or fill and send order form. We accept and confirm your order as fast as possible.
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Cashless payment is possible. When you fill order form, please select PayPal as payment option. After confirming the order you can pay with a card or from PayPal wallet.
• Can I pay on the bus?
Payment of this excursion when landing in transport is possible. The cost will not differ. Choose the appropriate payment option when ordering!
• How to know departure time?
For 1-1,5 hours before the trip, the guide will call you and tell you the exact time of departure. If the guide can not get through, then send a text message.
• What will be the transport?
Transfer is usually carried out by "Toyota Hiace" air-conditioned minibuses.

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