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What to expect

 Not so long ago in Pattaya began to work a new unusual attraction - "Upside Down." It is located in a beautiful area on the way to Ramayana water park.

 Here everything is literally turned upside down. The place to uncover a camera and capture yourself and friends walking on the ceiling! The developers of the attraction claim that "Upside Down" is unique and different from most similar ones, which generally copy the first created "Houses upside down", built in Poland.

 Usually, those who visit this place have a little dizziness, as aboard a ship. Most likely this happens because of the false perception of their real location, which arises from the patented design of the house.

 Of course, firstly "Upside Down House" is a photo attraction where you can take unique pictures. Considering them later, you will appreciate the optical illusion in all its glory.

 Near the "Upside Down" house there is and accordingly an inverted transport, as well as a curved medieval castle! There is a lot of space for children here, and the newlyweds often come to attach a lock to one of the forged fences and throw the keys into the well. And also for photo shoots. Not far from the crooked castle you can see the "Magic Barrel", into which water flows inexplicably.

 In the "Upside Down House", visitors immediately begin to feel as if they were on a ship in a stormy sea, or as after some alcohol. The house is equipped inside like any home in Europe: modern furniture, a stereo system and a truly working TV. Everything here is real and everything works. From the development of the project to the end of construction, the developer adhered to the concept that the interior of the house cannot simply be a props for a real house. From the beginning, the house was created as real and fully functional, apart from the fact that everything was turned upside down on the roof and tilted slightly. The result was a real illusion for the human mind. Here, every feeling becomes unreal... and yet... it is only an illusion. From the window of the living room, located on the upper (or lower?) floor of the building, you can see the 140-meter rock carvings of the Buddha.

 A very interesting magical castle - the only existing curved castle in the world and the first European castle in Asia. For example, well, which of the women would not want to feel like a princess living in a castle, and which man would not want to become a knight conquering a medieval castle! This is undoubtedly one of the most original places for memorable photos in Pattaya. Especially for those who take photos using the camera on a tripod. From behind the castle walls a panorama of the entire amusement park opens and the center of Pattaya is visible on the horizon. Like any castle, this one also has a master. Here lives a real knight, and although he is armed to the teeth, very friendly and ready to pose for photographs.

 According to the old legend, each loving couple who kisses within the walls of the castle will live together in love and wealth until old age. Many couples come here immediately after the wedding, knowing that one kiss in the castle walls can change life. After all, each legend has its own part of truth, and the small curved castle is only one in the World.

 Challenge yourself in the Gyroscope Area centrifuge! This device is a copy of those used in training centers for training pilots and astronauts. Here, of course, the overload is small and probably feels like when riding a sports bike. Excellent entertainment for everyone, regardless of age. Become one of the few in the World and test yourself on a gyroscope! Feel at least for a moment like a fighter pilot.

 And if you feel the strength to take a new challenge, then welcome to the cycle track! If you manage to ride one of the crazy bikes on the track, you will become the absolute champion and your name will be recorded on a special website in the "Hall of Champions"! In addition, those who ride a bike from the beginning to the end without touching the ground with the foot and do not jump out of the track, waiting for a cash prize of 10000 baht! Definitely worth the challenge! You will experience a real test of riding skills. And of course, a lot of laughter is guaranteed!

 Another attraction is the labyrinth, designed, like most of the complex, by the popular Polish writer and artist Slavek Mikhozhevsky. The maze was designed so that everyone could feel the joy and take up the challenge of looking for the right way out. In the maze there are two paths leading to the goal. One is very simple and, in principle, impossible to get confused, and the other is of average complexity. An additional and unusual attraction of the labyrinth is the observation deck, from which you can easily find the right way to the exit and take a series of memorable photos. Inside the labyrinth is the contour of the house turned upside down and formed from plants, where furniture XXL in size is waiting for you. This is another reason to quickly find the right way out and enjoy the view of the giant chair and table!



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Cashless payment is possible. When you fill order form, please select PayPal as payment option. After confirming the order you can pay with a card or from PayPal wallet.
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Payment of this excursion when pick up is possible. The cost will not differ. Choose the appropriate payment option when ordering!
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At 21:00-22:00 in the eve of your trip, you will be sent a text message with the exact departure time.
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Transfer is usually carried out by "Toyota Hiace" air-conditioned minibuses. Occasionally, if the group is small - transfer will be carried out by "Toyota H1" minivan, also with air conditioning.

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